Directed By: Chris Streams
Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes
Number of Discs: 1
Street Date: July 12, 2023
Ship Date: July 5, 2023
UPC: 746183031409
Stylish director Chris Streams matches lewdly lustful porn beauties in kinky sodomy dates, and the result is "Anal HAVOC." Two scenes are intense, one-on-one encounters, and two more are freaky lesbian threesomes! Wearing slutty police uniforms, busty MILF officers Misty Meaner and London River must perform a full cavity search on young raver Charlotte Sins. They probe Charlotte's anus with double-headed dildos, lewdly fucking her face with one! The cops toy with Charlotte's sphincter, soon succumbing to the blonde baddie. Graphic action includes wild rectal insertions, epic ass-to-mouth perversions, and multiple pussy squirt ejaculations! London spreads her gaping bunghole, and the babes soak it in girl juice! Hot booty babes Sheena Shaw and Rory Knox show their bubble butts in sheer bodysuits and then hop into a bathtub. Sheena pries apart Rory's chunky rear cheeks to give a raunchy rim job. Rory's rectum gapes. She shoves a massive glass phallus deeply into Sheena's flexible bottom. The dirty talking dirty blondes bury balls, beads and plugs in buttholes, and they taste their toys A2M. They kiss passionately. In American flag-themed bikini duds, heels and accessories, Sophia Burns, Rebel Rhyder and Sheena share a kinky Independence Day celebration! They stuff hot dogs between buns (not the store-bought kind) and into assholes. Each girl's powerful sphincter accommodates three wieners at once and then ejects them, no hands! The girls fuck and suck red-white-and-blue dildos; Rebel deepthroats. A double-anal reaming makes Rebel gape hugely! Dessert sploshing: When Sophia fills Sheena's rectum with whipped cream, Sheena blasts it out graphically. Sophia and Rebel lap spent foodstuffs from Sheena's crack. Sheena's colon launches dessert topping long-distance! Side-by-side, three hot derrieres spurt flumes of colored liquid. Summer Vixen and Tommy King look stunning in slutty latex nurse uniforms. Bodacious Tommy shows off her phat ass, and she strips Summer. Head Nurse Tommy tongues Summer's bunghole, controlling the action. The babes worship each other's body. Dominant Tommy slams Summer's backdoor with a strap-on dildo. Summer slurps the huge, lubed phallus A2M, and then the ladies switch roles, giving Tommy a taste of her own delicious medicine. Tommy's chunky buns smother Summer. Summer stretches Tommy's tush with a speculum and then pours milk into her colon! Tommy farts, squirting milk back out to douse Summer's face, which Tommy licks clean! The wild soiree features kissing and immense gaping. Chris Streams' "Anal HAVOC" is a single-disc DVD with cast list and filmographies.